PKELLYFINEART’S collection of fine art is available for viewing year-round. I provide educated and straightforward advice on buying artwork, and in my approach, I use a variety of services that meet the particular needs of each client. I also provide answers to the questions that a potential client should be asking when considering a work of art by one or more of the artist's that I deal in.

PKELLYFINEART offers a proven approach to collectors. I understand how the art market has changed and continues to change with internet auctions and antiques shows now being the dominant venues, and the fact that each and every collector pose different needs and need different help. I advocate strongly that my nominal fees are monies well spent as I save my clients valuable time, as well as to help prevent them from making costly mistakes, source works privately, and to help you the collector in maximizing your investment when selling.

My fees are very reasonable and are not payable if I don’t complete a purchase or sale on your behalf. Again, buying or selling art without experienced advice can lead to very expensive mistakes. My commission includes all administrative costs relating to a purchase or sale, and I currently offer a free initial consultation to establish which artist, period, and style that is currently of interest throughout the art world in the artist's that I deal in. If necessary, I may also make recommendations to suit your taste, budget, and investment criteria.

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