I have truly made it my goal to focus on providing the finest example of each artist’s works that I deal in, hence the name PKELLYFINEART. I have found that each and every artist has a low, median, and upper priced level of artwork available. I attempt to avoid lower and less desirable works and prefer to provide the more desirable, median to upper level of artwork that my customers will inevitably be much happier with in the long run. I know of too many collectors that have invested their monies into lower level works (which are considered minors), and have found themselves in the negative, wishing they had purchased a piece of artwork that had retained its value.

Art market fluctuations have a tendency in changing a collectors attitude, thus making them have more of an interest in purchasing something that will hold or increase in value long into the future, and this is where I come in. I attempt to educate collectors to invest in an artists more desirable works. Works that have a higher "potential" of holding their value.

In my opinion, artwork should be more of an “emotional” purchase rather than something that is purchased on speculation in that a collector "hopes" that a given work of art is going to increase in value. The fact is, most collectors feel that they are “investing” their money in artwork and truly feel that at the very least "any" given work of art should retain its purchase price value. I'm proud to say that a very high percentage of the artwork that I've provided over the years to discerning collectors “have” in fact retained their value more often than not, and that is why my business has flourished.

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