Selling Your Artwork

Firstly, I will provide you with a current and past market valuation of your artwork and then provide you with various options that may help you decide how, when, and where to sell your artwork. I may also make a specific recommendation in order to maximize your return such as recommending a major auction house, or even contacting another gallery that may be able to find a buyer through their trade contacts. And lastly, I may make you a reasonable offer if your artwork is something that is of interest to me, or, I may even be willing to make a trade.

I offer an educated opinion about the authenticity of a work of art using my own art historical knowledge, as well as art market experience. In addition, in regards to artist's I don't deal in, I may refer or defer to an established expert.

    Negotiation and Administration of Purchases
For a nominal commission fee based on purchase price, I may be able to negotiate a purchase on your behalf, thus allowing you to retain anonymity. When required, I may be retained for a fee to administrate payment, restoration, re-framing, and shipping services.

    Valuation Service
For a fee, I am able to provide written valuations/appraisals for both insurance and probate reasons.

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