Payment can be made in U.S funds by bank to bank wire transfer, bank cashiers check or money order, personal check, credit card paid through Paypal (for a 3 percent fee), or postal money orders. Please make checks payable to "PAUL KELLY", not "PKELLYFINEART". I also provide a thirty day layaway for any work of art under $2000, a sixty day layaway for any work of art between $2000 and $5000, and up to ninety days for any work of art over $5000 for customers that reside within the United States. Upon layaway, twenty-five percent of the full amount will be collected as a down payment, and the artwork in question will be pulled off the market for the duration of the mutually agreed upon layaway period. Please note that there will be a "cancellation fee" of $750 for any layaway order valued at $1500 and up, as well as a 40 percent "cancellation fee" for any layaway order valued under $1500 "within" three days of the initial layaway date. Also note that there will be "no refund" for any layaway purchase "after" the three day grace period and that there will be no cancellation of purchase. So please be positive with your purchase decision, and note that buyer will gain possession of artwork "only" when full payment has been received.

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