PKELLYFINEART is owned and operated by Paul Kelly who specializes in original works by Louis Icart, Antonio Devity, Pal Fried, Julian Ritter, Leo Jansen, Larry "Vincent" Garrison, and Maxfield Parrish. PKELLYFINEART is the East Coast’s largest dealer for original works by Louis Icart, and is the largest dealer in the United States for original works by Antonio Devity, Larry "Vincent" Garrison, and Leo Jansen. PKELLYFINEART also deals in original works by George Inness, Leroy Neiman, Norman Rockwell, contemporaries of Louis Icart, Sir William Russell Flint, R.C. Gorman, Bessie Pease Gutmann, as well as several others.

PKELLYFINEART specializes in the "Boudoir" look and has been in the business of providing fine art for discerning collectors worldwide for over three decades. And within this site, the bulk of PKELLYFINEART'S inventory consists of many of the finest original etchings by Louis Icart (which epitomize the beauty of femininity) that you'll find available today. And because original works by Louis Icart have retained worldwide appeal for over "100" years, it is the intention of PKELLYFINEART to continue supplying the demand for many years to come.

Regarding this site... all works of art in stock at the moment can be viewed by either perusing this website, having a digital photo sent to you via email, or by setting up an appointment to see them in person.

Also, as you traverse through the site, please know that PKELLYFINEART has gone through great lengths in providing a “user-friendly” website that is easily navigated. By clicking on any of the blue artist name buttons to the left of this text provides easy access to individual PKELLYFINEART galleries. You'll find that all thumbnails displayed in each and every gallery is what is currently in inventory for that particular artist at the moment, however, that can quickly change, so please keep checking back.

Please note that artwork may be accepted on consignment from the various artists listed, whether it be a single piece or an entire collection, and all you have to do is ask if a work of art you have may be consigned on your behalf. Also... please have a look within the "Misc Art & Rare Books" gallery to see what treasures have been stored in there as well, for you'll be surprised at what you'll find.

One last note... all works of art on this site are guaranteed original unless stated otherwise. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, it just may be possible that PKELLYFINEART may be able to locate that rare treasure for you.

Enjoy the site!
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